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The Modern Design Of Experiments For Wind Tunnel Testing

RRP $27.99

In The Modern Design of Experiments for Wind Tunnel Testing, pioneering NASA research scientist Richard DeLoach shares theoretical background, unrivalled practical experience and detailed examples of a new approach to aeronautical wind tunnel test design.

Understanding the needs of wind tunnel practitioners faced with insufficient resources for, and disappointingly unreliable results through, traditional One Factor At a Time (OFAT) testing, DeLoach has spent decades honing his take on the established Design of Experiments (DOE) approach and applying it to aeronautical testing in a wind tunnel setting. His papers on Modern Design of Experiments (MDOE) relating to experimental aeronautics have won him numerous AIAA 'Outstanding Paper' and 'Best Paper' accolades, as well as a NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal in 2005.

In this ground-breaking new book, DeLoach covers the background theory needed by those unfamiliar with DOE methods and uses detailed examples from decades of work at NASA Langley to demonstrate practical realities, applications and limitations.

With massive potential for cost saving and quality improvement through DOE methods of testing driving great interest in the topic within the aerospace community, The Modern Design of Experiments for Wind Tunnel Testing is an essential reference to this novel approach from an experienced leader in the field.

  • A true practitioners' guide to this new approach to wind tunnel experiment design from a NASA pioneer in experimental aeronautics.
  • Method promises cost savings through increased efficiency and incorporates new tactics for quality assessment and assurance, designed to reduce the experimental uncertainty in wind tunnel testing.
  • Includes coverage of essential knowledge and first-principles alongside practical examples, insights, guidance and limitations to facilitate successful application in your research and testing.

Creative Origami Kit

RRP $19.99

Marc Kirschenbaum is one of the world’s leading origami artists, and in Creative Origami Kit, he shares an array of impressive origami projects that can be folded in just a few minutes. Kirschenbaum’s models look like complex constructions that would normally stump a beginner, but eight of these fifteen surprisingly simple creations follow the innovative “Pureland” origami system. Pioneered by English artist John Smith, Pureland origami uses only simple mountain and valley folds in order to make paper folding easier for beginners and impaired folders.

Kirschenbaum draws much of his inspiration from the natural world and the result is an exciting collection of new models, such as:

  • Homage to Picasso
  • Pureland Platypus
  • Pureland Ship in a Bottle
  • Pureland Eagle
  • The Doctor's Dog
Creative Origami Kit includes a 64-page book with detailed instructions for the fifteen new designs Kirschenbaum created specifically for this kit, as well as an instructional DVD and a set of seventy-two colorful origami sheets. Beginners and intermediate origami enthusiasts alike will adore every project in this master-folder’s exciting new kit.

About the Author

Marc Kirschenbaum is a top origami artist who's been practicing his art since the 1970s. He has covered a wide variety of subjects and styles from the wonderfully simple to the unbelievably complex. His works are on display in many museums and exhibitions around the world, including the American Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian, the Mingei International Museum, and Hangar-7. Kirschenbaum's models have also been featured in many books, magazines, and periodicals. Marc is an active member of OrigamiUSA, serving on the administrative council and directing the production of many of its publications.

Photographer, Araldo De Luca, who lives and works in Rome, is one of the most highly esteemed art photographers in the world. He complements his visual-narrative language with the skillful use of lighting, and has created a collection of about 80,000 superior art images. He has published in various languages and throughout the world more than 30 photographic books, including the bestselling The Treasures of Ancient Egypt.


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