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Patterns Of Speculation

RRP $137.95

The main objective of this 2002 book is to show that behind the bewildering diversity of historical speculative episodes it is possible to find hidden regularities, thus preparing the way for a unified theory of market speculation. Speculative bubbles require the study of various episodes in order for a comparative perspective to be obtained and the analysis developed in this book follows a few simple but unconventional ideas. Investors are assumed to exhibit the same basic behavior during speculative episodes whether they trade stocks, real estate, or postage stamps. The author demonstrates how some of the basic concepts of dynamical system theory, such as the notions of impulse response, reaction times and frequency analysis, play an instrumental role in describing and predicting speculative behavior. This book will serve as a useful introduction for students of econophysics, and readers with a general interest in economics as seen from the perspective of physics.

Dream Patterns

RRP $13.99

The Dream Patterns Coloring Book includes original illustrations by artists Patricia Arnold and Lisa Arnold.

Coloring encourages wellness and inner peace. This simple, soothing activity stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for creativity, motor skills, and the senses. Join others of all ages in this soothing activity.

Organized in three parts, this adult coloring book has 34 illustrations to color.

  • The Imagination Garden includes floral patterns, birds and landscapes.
  • Celestial Dreams contains coloring pages inspired by the sun, moon and stars.
  • Underwater Inspirations takes you under the sea and into lakes filled with koi.

Choose your favorite page and color it using crayons, color pencils or just about anything you like to color with. If using markers, place a sheet of paper behind the page you are coloring to prevent bleed through.

Each drawing was lovingly created specifically for this book. Existing stock images were not used.


RRP $11.99

Young children always enjoy looking at bright pictures, and with this book they can also learn to recognize, name and create different patterns. It includes everyday shapes such as wiggly toothpaste or squishy spiral cake, manufactured ones like spotted party balloons or splotches of messy paint, and natural ones such as stripes on a zebra or ripples in water. The straightforward text encourages reading skills and interactivity - see what patterns you can find on a wing of a butterfly, make zigzags in wet sand, and count the rings to find out the age of a tree. This first words and picture book will delight and inform early learners, who will love looking at it with grown-ups or by themselves. Compiled with the advice of educational specialists, this special padded boardbook combines lively, simple text with bold, bright photographs to promote the development of literacy skills. Experts agree that preschool children respond more immediately to photographs than to illustrations, and this book is full of lively images of objects, activities and people that youngsters will encounter in the world around them. The images are carefully arranged into visual and subject groups, such as spots, checks, zigzags, wiggles, swirls, spirals, natural patterns, animal patterns, and patterns that we can make ourselves - such as drizzles of icing or footprints on the ground. Young readers will see and identify with the pictures of children just like them, encouraging them to make connections, and to see how various things develop and work together.

Simple Steps To...buying A Home

RRP $18.99

You don't know what you don't know. How many times have you heard that one? It never rings more true than when someone is trying to buy or sell Real Estate. There are so many hidden surprises lurking around every corner of a Real Estate transaction. In this book, those surprises have been uncovered and exposed for you. A simple step by step approach has been outlined to make this process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Gone are the days of jumping into the labyrinth of home-buying blind. You will walk away from this book with new found confidence and a simplified understanding of what it takes to get to the other side...home ownership!

Patterns And Development In The English Clause System

RRP $274.99

This book examines in detail the forms and functions of clause combination in English. Using a corpus linguistics methodology, it describes how the English clause system currently behaves, how it has developed over the history of the language, and how the features and properties of English clause combination have important theoretical and empirical significance. Adopting a cognitive-functional Adaptive Approach to grammar, it offers a series of interconnected studies that investigate how English clause combination interacts with the properties of coherence and cohesion in discourse across historical time, as well in contemporary language use. This work contributes to the ever-increasing common ground between corpus linguistics and cognitive-functional linguistics, producing new paths for interdisciplinary research.


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Greeting Card Paper Craft Crafty Modern Origami
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