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Wild Animal Patterns

RRP $20.99

  • From renowned illustrator Jeremy Gordon comes a wild new adult coloring book title: Wild Animal Patterns!
  • Published by Blue Star, the team that brought you the #1 Amazon Bestseller, "Stress Relieving Patterns, Vol. 1."
  • This adult coloring book contains 30 meticulously crafted designs featuring some of the fiercest and freest wild animals around the world.
  • Designs range in complexity from beginner to expert-level.
  • Provides hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and fun, creative expression.
  • Join millions of adults all around the world who are rediscovering the simple relaxation and joy of coloring!

Progressive Patterns - A Man's World

RRP $44.99

Progressive Patterns - A Man's World - Adult Colouring Book is a compilation of 30 adult colouring designs from the nikk nakk designs team especially for men.

The talented creative team at nikk nakk designs make it so easy to release your artistic spirit - as you progress through the book, the designs become more challenging - with more detailed patterns and smaller colouring spaces.

Experiment with different mediums and techniques as your confidence grows.

Adults worldwide are discovering for themselves that relaxation can be found when they take the time to disconnect from technology and retreat into a simpler world where paper and pencils rule - and there aren't any restrictions.

You have the freedom to just let your mind wander as your masterpiece takes shape.

Don't worry if you haven't had any experience with art since you left school. There are no rules- forget your kindergarten teacher - you don't even have to stay inside the lines - just let your creative juices flow.

Progressive Patterns are specifically designed to encourage you to take those first steps - simply choose a design which appeals to you, choose your pens or pencils - then JUST ADD COLOUR.

Progressive Patterns - A Man's World - Adult Colouring Book

Choose one of the 30 designs which become more challenging as your skills develop.

Each design is printed on only one page to avoid 'bleed through'.

Each design is printed on 11.5 x 8 inch with sufficient space to let your imagination run wild.

The pages are suitable for colouring with pens, pencils, gel pens, metallic pens, water colour pencils - the choice is yours.

You will quickly discover 'your inner artist'as you personalize each design with your own color style.

Find your inner peace as you release the stress of the day.

Playground Of Patterns

RRP $16.99

Welcome to Playground of Patterns! This book contains 25 beautiful, kaleidoscopic patterns ready to transport your mind to the relaxing world of coloring magic. The patterns contained in this book welcome colorists of all skill levels. Whether you just want to play with color palettes or embellish with swirls and shading, these patterns provide a range from plain and simple to difficult and challenging. As you color your patterns, imagine them expanding from a centermost point. With every stroke of color, breathe deeply and connect to this point. Liberate your mind to feel free to expand ever outward and invite a profound sense of peace, calm, and quiet relaxation into your body.

Simple Steps To...buying A Home

RRP $18.99

You don't know what you don't know. How many times have you heard that one? It never rings more true than when someone is trying to buy or sell Real Estate. There are so many hidden surprises lurking around every corner of a Real Estate transaction. In this book, those surprises have been uncovered and exposed for you. A simple step by step approach has been outlined to make this process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Gone are the days of jumping into the labyrinth of home-buying blind. You will walk away from this book with new found confidence and a simplified understanding of what it takes to get to the other side...home ownership!

Teachers' Career And Promotion Patterns

RRP $257.99

First published in 1992, this book shows that despite appearances and beliefs to the contrary, teachers go in for career planning just as systematically as the members of any other profession and that the career movement of teachers is patterned not random. It demonstrates that status and rewards matter, but so do teaching locations and conditions and that the costs and benefits of both vertical and horizontal mobility are carefully calculated. In doing so, it argues that explicit and defensible criteria for appointment and promotion are important in maintaining and enhancing teacher morale and effectiveness in a rapidly changing world.


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