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The Veggie Patch Food Van

January 23rd, 2012

ProjectsBy TMOD


TMOD was successful in receiving one of the first 10 license's to operate a Food Van in the City Sydney.   
The Veggie Patch is a collaboration between a vegetarian restaurant Yulli’s and a design studio TMOD, creating accessible restaurant quality food with an innovative artistic edge.
The Veggie Patch is devoted to providing high quality vegetarian food using ingredients sourced from local producers. The Veggie Patch has a whole foods philosophy, using unprocessed and unrefined ingredients. The Veggie Patch priorities a minimal impact on the environment, from our packaging to ingredients, all the wastage from the veggie patch will be made from organic matter hence composted.
Furthermore the van is equipped with solar panels and the engine is powered by the van’s used vegetable oil, maintaining a low ecological footprint.
Inspired by the ‘paddock to plate’ movement, the Veggie patch aims to reconnect us to what we eat and where is comes from. This is reinforced visually through the van’s artwork, which resembles and farm barn house surrounded by a veggie patch.


The Veggie Patch Food Van