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TMOD Post at Life In style Feb 2011

March 11th, 2010

EventsBy TMOD

This Life In Style will be the launch of TMOD's new post range. Inspired from the idea of carrier pigeon's, which were used during the war to deliver letters. In this theme we have recreated a street scene, complete with a oversize red post box, a house with a red roof, window boxes and a door, a white picket fence, telegraph pole, plants galore and we will be wearing post man hats!


Our little house!


TMOD air - paper planes which come flat with instructions on how to fold up into a plane. Then write your message on the wings and fly it straight into the post box. The receipt will be surprised when they open their mailbox to find a little paper plane inside.

Window Planter box, with real growing succulents!

Cut and Stitch Bags- Use the needle and thread provided to sew the pieces together to create a doll.


The TMOD post range - take the little note out of the animals bag and write your message on it and insert it back into the pocket. Let the animal deliver your message to your loved one.


TMOD Post at Life In style Feb 2011